See The 3 Critical Things That Proper Tax Planning Involves

Most business people get excited when their sales increase or when their products take shape in the market. They also get excited when their business expands or when their business image glows. However, most of them don't get excited whenever the word tax is mentioned. In fact, some business owners want to evade tax or pay something less than what they should pay.  But the tax season shouldn't cause any alarm or make you anxious in any way. Read More 

Top Things That An Accounting Service Can Help Your Business With

You may know that a lot of businesses use accounting services, but you might not have hired one of these services before. However, there are a number of important things that a good accounting service can help you with when it comes to running your business. These are some of the main jobs that one of these companies might take on after you hire them to help with your company's financials. Read More 

When To Use A CFO Advisory Service

There are CFO advisory services that can work with a company like yours and provide much of the same insight and assistance that a full-time CFO would. If you're wondering when a business like yours should make use of a CFO advisory service, consider the examples below. As you will soon learn, there are actually a lot of different scenarios in which these services can be incredibly helpful. You're Searching for a CFO Read More 

Got Your Big Break? 5 Reasons You Need An Accountant

Have you finally gotten your big break? No matter whether you found sudden fame by going viral or scored a plum role in a movie, you've entered a new world. And one person that you now need more than ever is a certified public accountant (CPA). Why is a CPA a vital part of your team? Here are five of the most important reasons.  1. Your Taxes Change. A sudden jump in income brings with it a likely sudden jump in taxation. Read More 

3 Accounting Software Features For Artists

Artists who are fairly new to being self-employed may not realize how cumbersome accounting can be until their taxes are due. To keep the process streamlined, having accounting software is a must. With many different types of software, it can be difficult to pick just one, but there are some features that should be considered necessary before you make a decision. Invoicing Sending a client an email and fleshing out the details is not enough. Read More