2 Steps To Take Now To Minimize Your Taxes For 2017

With the 2016 season wrapping up, it is time to start thinking about how you are going to save on your taxes for 2017. Here are two steps you can take now to minimize your taxes for 2017 and ensure that you are paying just the right amount. #1 Increase Your Retirement Contributions One of the easiest ways to minimize the taxes that you owe and maximize any potential returns is by increasing your retirement contributions. Read More 

Starting Your First Computerized Accounting System? 5 Things To Get First

As your small business grows, you are likely to find yourself in the position of needing a small business accounting software package. These generally user-friendly accounting systems, like QuickBooks Online through places like Blueback Accounting, are easier to understand than ever before and help any entrepreneur understand their true business finances. If you're preparing to fire up your first computerized accounting system, here are the top 5 things you'll need in order to get started. Read More 

Crossing The Border – A Taxpayer’s Guide To Living And Working In Different States

While hardly anyone actually enjoys doing taxes, it's an even more arduous task when you cross state borders for work and residency. If you're among the millions who have to address complications with state residency, here's a handy guide to how it affects your taxes. Living and Working in Separate States If you live near the border between your state and its neighbor, you may end up with a job in one and a home in the other. Read More 

3 Ways to Maximize the Return on Your Kid’s College Fund

Getting through college is an expensive task, and it's important that you start early in order to help fund your child's future education. Many people think that putting money in a savings account is enough, but whilst this helps, there are better ways to maximize your return: Open a Roth IRA If you haven't come across them yet, Roth IRA's are basically retirement savings accounts that come with a wide range of tax advantages. Read More 

Growing Up – 4 Steps To Finding The Right Accounting Software For Your Small Business

Small business owners are usually looking for ways to increase their bottom line and make their business run more smoothly. And, for many small but growing businesses, adding an accounting software package to their routine can do just that. But, it's vital to do some research first. Here's a 4 step guide to making the transition. Assess Whether It's Necessary The first question to answer may seem simpler than it really is. Read More